C&C Generals Copy Problems

I’m using Alcohol 120% on a Yamaha F1 USB… The game will work fine off images and on my desktop but when i try to use the copied cd’s in my laptop it somehow knows that they are not the orginals and prompts me for the cd. Is there someway that i could have done the copy wrong… i just don’t understand beacuase the cd’s work on my desktop just not on my laptop. Thanx in advance. ~Mark

Let me guess. You only have a writer in your laptop.

If so, you’ll need to have an atip hiding utility running in order to play your copy from that drive.

Best known examples of atip hiding utilities are clonecd’s hide cdr media and alcohol’s don’t detect media type. Alternatively, you could use daemon tools with safedisc emulation.

yeah i only have a burner… what is this thing yer talking bout?

You will find the Ignore Media Type under the Emulation settings. Enable it and your game will run fine then.

Okay what you have to do is install Alcohol on your Latpop, run it once and thats it. The CD will then work. :slight_smile:

Alcohol will make the necessary adjustments for you.


Is it possible to do a network game with one original game and 1 copied game?

Everytime i try to join a network game i get a mismatch. Does anyone now an answer for this problem or is it just impossible to play?

well that is EA’s way of getting legit copies of the game…

if there is a mismatch…someone might be using the same copy of the game…

easiest way to check…make sure two people have original cds…with the latest patch and see what happens