C# and NeroDrives problem

I am trying to get a Drive object for Nero using C#. I have used tlbimp to create a class for NeroCom. The problem is the NeroDrives.Item returns an INeroDrives interface. This is a huge problem since that interface has Zero events. So my question is how does on with .Net 2003 and the Latest NeroCom get access to teh driveClass?

Example Code

NeroLib.NeroDriveclass Tdrive;
NeroLib.Neroclass TBaseNero;

in function
Nerolib.NeroDrivesClass TDriveList;

TDriveList = TBaseNero.Getdrives();
Tdrive= TDriveList.Item(0); // Error Since this method returns a INeroDrive interface.


Not sure if this will help you out, but this is how I did it.

//you could probably declare this drive locally within the method

private NEROLib.NeroDrive drive;

//This is the code in my method.

NEROLib.NeroClass nero = new NEROLib.NeroClass();
NEROLib.NeroDrives drivelist;
drivelist = nero.GetDrives(NEROLib.NERO_MEDIA_TYPE.NERO_MEDIA_CDR);
drive = (NEROLib.NeroDrive) drivelist.Item(0);

That worked, Thanks!

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