C anc c renegade

:frowning: ok this is my first time
i made abackup with clonecd 4
liteon 2410b drive
can install but wont play still needs the orignal disc
any ideas PLease

Create a SD2-profile with everytning except FES unchecked.
Read retries should be 0.

I don’t trust the ‘hardware-dependant’ modes, they mess up my backups on my 32123S. :slight_smile:

If it still doesn’t work check this

Rule #1 - read this

Rule #2 - install the game with the original from your reader, run it, set it up, play a little…

Rule #3 - read this

Rule #4 - use the Game CD profile

Rule #5 - Use “Hide CD-R Media” if playing from a burner

Rule #6 - post (again) if you hit a snag

Are you realy a K1W1? 'cos you know, God loves New Zealand, He gave them boiling mud :wink: