BYX5 vs. BC15 Write Quality: RicohJPNR03 +R

I know the 1653S series is definitely not the best when it comes to recording at 16x, but the following is…can someone explain this to me?

All scans are of RICOHJPNR03 04, Memorex-branded. Firmwares used: BC15 and BYX5 (Labeled in post as appropriate).

Question number 2: BYX5 has WOPC? (renamed BC15 to BYX5, but each is labeled as true firmware)
Now for the scans:

BC15 first (16x only, burns 1 and 2)

BYX5 16x burn (better than BC15, but hold on…12x and 8x burns @ BYX5 to come…)

8x and 12x burns, fully complete with WOPC write graphs and scans:

8x is garbage, but we then soar back up to quality with 12x (and a 16x burn later done).

WOPC is good as Sony implemented it is good for this media at anything other than 8x, and WOPC as CK formatted it is good for everything except the end of 16x burns.

Any thoughts on this?

you should compare discs made with cd-dvd speed (F9).

12x burn, BYX5 standard
16x burn, BYX5 standard
16x burn, CSTR standard crossflash, learn media reset by way of EEPROM Utility

The 12x BYX5 and 16x CSTR burns fall to pieces soon after the 3.5 GB mark, slightly before it as well on the CSTR burn, and the 16x BYX5 burn has basin effect (mountain of errors at beginning of burn, goes down in middle of burn, raises back up to mountain at end of burn).

I think some of the WOPC checks are killing the burns. Any thoughts on this?

(BTW: CD-DVD Speed was used in conjunction with images; hard drive was defragmented before each burn was begun; write graph was accidentally disabled in scan screen for previous burns.)

the final scan, CSTR at 16x.