Bypassing Safedisc it possible

well i i finally upgraded 2 the new newest version of alcohol 120% 1.9.6(4719)

but i want 2 backup a Safedisc4.60 protected game, but not sure wat datatype i should choose since theres like 3 different Safedisc choices; also is there any other settings that i should adjust, like write speed?

last question: after its done making the image do i just mount the image using Daemon tools(latest ver)???

heres a screenshot of the diff safedisc things,which should i choose

thnx u very much

First try SafeDisc 2/3/4 Burn Speed around 8x and read about 12x. See if that works.

um alright its gets a shit load of error messages but do i keep letting it burn…also when its done do i use daemon tools???

alright i got the image finally burned, i run the image with daemon tools, then its gets 2 the game menu im happy at the point. so i try 2 do skirmish(its LOTR BFME 2), its loading the map then its gets to 99% and the game just stops and quits and i get this message can sum1 help me

im using


and alcohol the latest version

heres the message

The read errors are normal and as you may have noticed will stop around sector 10500+, no need using DTools.

Seems to be a graphic problem look here and not backup related as you can start the game.