Bypassing a track that fails CRC test

How does one ‘bypass’ a track that fails a CRC test? What VCD, CD, DVD copiers(free version!) allow us to do it?

What type of discs are you having trouble with (CD, DVD, auido, ROM, etc…)? DVDs don’t actually have ‘tracks’. Audio CDs have tracks. ROM CDs usually only have 1 track so you really couldn’t skip it.

Or, are you talking about skipping files instead of tracks?


I think he/she means the track…song… I have the same problem… I always thought it meant the track was’t there period… So it’s windows media player that doing this?

a mismatched CRC can come from even the tiniest flaw.

It not matching doesn’t necissarily mean anything… atleast not for the purposes of playing the track on your iPod.