Bye CSS hello ACCS: The next protection for optical media?

I just posted the article Bye CSS hello ACCS: The next protection for optical media?.

Here is a great article over at the IEEE Spectrum site that takes a look at Advanced Access Content System or ACCS. This is the next big thing for content protection, sorely needed by…

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So they’re willing to replace everyone’s player that stops working due to one person cracking a player’s key? They did say a group of players may have the same key…

Disabling keys?! OMG, talk about Draconian!

So they’re willing to replace everyone’s player that stops working due to one person cracking a player’s key? They did say a group of players may have the same key…
I think they are saying that every single individual player may have a different key. They would disable that particular players key from ever working again.

I can see this would piss me off for computer playability, the software will want to phone home and won’t play the disc without access to the internett

I don’t see how this can work, surely a copied disc has all protection removed? i.e. no CSS or Macrovision, and no Region Code. And indeed we all know that some discs come this way anyway, such as documentary material etc. Therefore a copied disc will always play since the disc will have no key, and they player would have to play it, because it could be for example someones holiday video. Maybe I’m missong some here though…it is 6:40am afterall…

Sounds like DRM hell is about to hit us. I jsut wonder what will happen to dvd’s that are released in countries that do not follow the US and their great big stick to fight piracy. Here in Canada these discs would be deemed as illegal because they would violate our right to make a legitimate copy. We still have fair use, and it has been fought for and won in court. So I guess a lot of you Yanks will be coming up here to buy our dvd’s? Heck even in some European countries if I remember right, you still have the right to make a backup copy. If they take away that right from me, then I guess we know who really runs the world, mind you us smart people already knew who ran the US, it sure ain’t the government for the people. by the people. It’s the corporations that fill your greedy ass politicians pockets with money. And the sad thing is they can get away with it because the majority of people are too stupid to realize it, all those on this site at least know what is going on, but joe six pack down the street, haha freaking clueless and brainless dolt!

I don’t think “devastating blow” is the right description for the cracking of the CSS. Billions of dollars have been made from the dvd sales and Hollywood has never had it so good.

How many legitimate copies do you make dude? I bet you make many more of the illegitimate kind :B

Why do they never seem to consider the BEST way of protecting their product? i.e. LOWER the price you fools! lol :B Ah … greed is that why?

Imagine if they hadn’t spent 100’s of millions developing stupid protections like this. Then they could lower the prices and acheive the same profit.

Unfortunately, Ran is right and the problem is that there are no politicians who are not in some coporation’s pocket, so we in the US can’t choose to elect people with no corporate backing, it’s a choice between which corporation to allow to run the country.:frowning: Anyway, the way I see it, we are heading toward an Orwellian nightmare on the level of 1984. In the not so distant future, when we buy a movie or music disc, we will only be buying a year’s license to have access to that product. After a year, we’ll have to pay again to access it. That’s why the book publishers are starting to try to push E-book formats because they want in. Think about it, you license the content for a book for a year, if you ever want to re-read it, you’ll have to buy another year’s license. Magazines will get that way, too. For schlock magazines like Time, People and Motor Trend, that’s fine because who wants to read that crap again, but for magazines that have woodworking plans or similar things that you might not build for a year to two, this would be a real PITA!:frowning:
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hey…HEY…forget that WE shit…YOU are heading for an orwellian nightmare and thats what you get for sitting around with your finger in your arse and your mind in neutral…embrace the future your ilk voted for…frankly I don’t give a ratz rectum if I never see a rehashed, redigitised movie again…and todays music ??..well britney can get by without my green…I’m getting my 60’s - 90’s stuff and lotsa beer’n’shit and heading bush…watch my hairy arse disappearing over that next hill…:X

All I have to say is if someone can make it, someone can break it…Just a matter of time before we find a way around it. Copy protections are useless.:wink:

Yep, another copy protection scheme that won’t do anything to stop piracy. I have never been affected be any copy protection scheme. Anything I have every needed to backup, I’ve done so, and legally I might add, no amount of effort to define my actions as piracy have ever held water in court, and just cause thay say it’s wrong don’t make it so. All of the effort to prevent copying have amounted to a waste of energy and money. I do so enjoy watching the mindless content providers working so hard to annoy their source of income. Spend millions to stop piracy, and in then end all they do is hurt a few hapless souls who can’t figure out how to get around the protection schemes. What a great business strategy.

i wonder if you added up all the money they have wasted over the last 8 +years on copy protections put it all together and just do as people ask LOWER THE PRICE you dumb f***s if a person can buy a pirate dvd on the street for a £5 and make a prophit wheat the hell are the big boys making and be honist with yourselfs we the stupid film fodder have allowed actors actresses to ask for stupid wage structures GREEED is running the world just think it wasnt so long ago when we didnt have tv but we were never really bored and our minds were alive but now all i seem to read about is GREEDY companies wanting to make a killing for all our sakes if only we could stand together and not buy anything for a week like a film like a game like a music cd they would tremble look at the fuel protest in the uk nearly brought the uk to its knees ah well … back to shitty reality :c

How would they know what DVD keys are cracked unless an internet connection is required to play these movies.

if all the people complaining here didn’t buy said products, there’d be no problem. :wink: Corporations are only as strong as consumers make them. Without us, they have no market. Blah, blah. All that said, the DVD is gonna be around for a LOOONG time.

I wonder whether ACCS is playable in an ordinary CSS DVD Player?

Are you kidding?? How else are they gonna get the manufacturers to get on board with adding all the antipiracy crap to the new players?? Nothing will play on CSS machines, you have to go buy a new ACSS machine!! MPAA gets new protection on players from manufacturers, manufacturers get dvd player sales boom all over again :wink: