Bye Bye FBI?

I processed 8 Mile and it seemed to work great, I will watch the whole thing tonight and make sure.

But I did notice the FBI warning is back. Is there a way to remove it?

I am using Netflix->DVDDecrypter->ifoedit->DVD2one111->Nero for full disk copy.

You might want to try this guide:

I’ve removed the warnings before but haven’t tried it in a long time.

It just involves removing the VOB IDs that contain the warnings and stuff.

Here’s the steps from that link:

With the tool Vobrator you are able to wonderfully check, which VOB-ID has got which movie, by previewing it.

So lets say for example:
VOB-ID 1 -> Warner welcome screen
VOB-ID 2 -> anoying copyright warning
VOB-ID 3 -> Sony production logo

To remove that copyright screen, load VIDEO_TS.IFO with IfoEdit, and in scroll down the VMG_Overview to the ‘Menu language Unit’ section.

Lets say for example, you see this:
Language menu Unit 1 [English]
Menu 1: [Title Menu] (entry PGC)
Menu 2: [entry only] (programs 1) (Cells 1) (uses VOB-IDs: 1)
Menu 3: [entry only] (programs 1) (Cells 1) (uses VOB-IDs: 2)
Menu 4: [entry only] (programs 1) (Cells 1) (uses VOB-IDs: 3)

Now simply ‘one-click’ on the line that contains Menu 3, and press the button ‘Delete playback’.
You will see, that the line changes to:
Menu 3: [entry only] (programs 0) (Cells 0)

That’s it. Save the Ifo file, and enjoy your DVD without anoying warnings.

I hope this helps.


To add to above

Some people get confused when they do delete playbacks. They think that by doing this, the video segment is actually"deleted" out of the VOB. It’s not. Doing delete playbacks only disables/bypasses you the viewing of that segment. The video data is still in there. Now if you wanted to strip it out, then you would have to use your VOB extras button.

Excellent point 2Cool.

I thought of that after I posted but forgot to add to my post.