Bye-bye, Blu-ray: Video-on-demand and streaming options are gaining on you

Computerworld - The Blu-ray optical disc format, once a bastion of hope for reviving the home entertainment industry, is struggling to survive under the assault of video-on-demand and downloads.

In a new financial forecast, Sony has warned of heavy losses primarily due to its exit from the PC business and because “demand for physical media [is] contracting faster than anticipated.”



By the time the Blu-ray / HD-DVD standards war was over, the writing was on the wall for them both.

The only winners of that standards war were conventional DVD and instant streaming (no delivery, no return, no late fees).

Streaming is still not mainstream here…:disagree:
We have data caps,you know…:Z

Looks like the market is steadily pushing the entertainment industry toward a model of mass amounts of content available easily, and for cheap, to mass amounts of people. I guess the MPAA and RIAA will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to this business model. BTW, part of me is happy to see Sony struggling so much.

I give physical discs 3 years and then they history.:slight_smile: