Bye BenQ, hello LG, Sony, Pioneer...?

I’m getting rid of my BenQ DW-1650. I want a black, quieter drive which also supports DVD-RAM (just in case).

I narrowed down my search to these drives which I can buy at local stores:
LG GSA-4167B or GSA-H10A
Sony DW-G120A
Pioneer DVR-111D

But I can’t decide which one I should get.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.


Hi :slight_smile:
Wlecome to the forum Daved+. :clap:
If going for LG, try & get the GSA-H10N. This is a super drive & should cost the same.
Otherwise the Pioneer 111D, also an excellent drive if somewhat slower than the LG.
Forget the Sony.

Thanks for the welcome and the help. I’m not that new here :wink: I have been reading the forums for a long time and registered a couple months ago, I just don’t post much.

I haven’t seen the GSA-H10N yet. Is there a big difference between the “N” and the “A” model? Will I be able to scan with this drive?

BTW, what’s so bad about the Sony?

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly the Sony is an overpriced Lite-On. If going for a Litey then the SHM-165P6S. This drive is an excellent scanner.
The LG GSA H10N. I saw a site listing it, but on checking it was out of stock (curious phrase seeing it s never been in stock yet). Stock due (left blank). When it’s available this N version will leave the others obsolete. Quicker writer by far & quieter. In my opinion if you want the LG wait, it should be only a matter of weeks. LGs don’t support scanning.
BTW my BenQs are as quiet as any LG/Pioneer I’ve ever had.

The Sony DW-G120A is the same drive as a LiteOn SHM-165P6S. :iagree:

Whether it’s an overpriced LiteOn depends on your definition of overpriced; here in Denmark the Sony costs roughly 5% more than the LiteOn, which I consider to be a negligible price difference.

If you don’t care about warranty, a Sony DW-G120A can be crossflashed to a LiteOn SHM-165P6S and vice versa.

I actually bought a Sony DW-G120A myself instead of the LiteOn, because one of this forum’s experts on LiteOn drives said, that in his experience the Sony drives had slightly better build quality than their LiteOn counterparts.

This could just be a random experience based on a few drives, but I didn’t mind paying 5% extra for the chance of getting a better build quality. Whether you believe in this quality difference or not is up to you.

Hi :slight_smile:
I was expecting someone to pick on that (Sony <> Lite-On). Should’ve known it would be you DrageMester. :iagree:
In my experience the Sony currently is at best equal build quality (used to be better) & around £10 more. That’s almost 50 blank dvds (Verbatim 16x).

Pioneer 111. Whatever you get, stick with TY +R 8X and Verbatim +R 16X. And if you are in the US, the cheapest RAM comes direct from 3X is aroung $1.20 delivered if you join their free club.

Thanks for all the replies, guy.

I don’t mind paying 5% extra for the Sony if it’s better than the LiteOn. Actually I didn’t even include the LiteOn in my list as you can see in the first post.

So which one should I get? It seems the “N” LG isn’t in the market yet and I need the burner as soon as possible as I’m shipping my BenQ this weekend.

Should I jump on the Sony DW-G120A?

Thanks again.


I personally would prefer the LG, if quality scanning is not essential for you. Write quality seems to be better with the LG (tried out 4167B).


But the LG GSA-H10, doesnt even appear at there homepage.
Anyone know, if this player, or the Pioneer DVR-111D, support DVD-RAM?



look at LG Germany site:


Cool but…

Do you think it really matters to get the N and not the A?


N is 12x DVD-RAM? Then I’d stick with the A, unless you like to be a sort of beta tester. And nobody knows, when affordable 12x media will be available.


Lol, I don’t want to be a beta tester but it doesn’t seem there’s any problems with the “N”.

Anyway, the N is hard to find and I won’t be able to wait to get one so I guess I’m going to get the A as soon as I can make up my mind on losing the scan feature.

newbie here, looking for a replacement burner. What does “scanning” mean in reference to a DVD burner?

What about reading the F.A.Q.?

LG GSA-H10A can be crossflashed, so it’s good, and N can also do 5x DVD-RAM well. :slight_smile:
But LGs can’t burn dash media at the recommended speed of 12x and their 16x P-CAV is somewhat ambitioned.
I think the Pioneer DVR-111 is the better choice, it can also do scanning. (Were you thinking about crossflashing the 111D to 111?) :clap:

I think a lot of the mystique surrounding the Sony brand which once commanded a premium price has begun to wear off and prices are coming down. The Sony model mentioned is available at around the same price as the LiteOn here in Oz. I’m surprised it’s 10 pound dearer than the LiteOn equivalent in the UK :eek:

Same here in germany. Main difference: Liteon retail comes with black and beige bezel, Sony only one-coloured. Also, Liteon bundles an OEM version of Power DVD.


The LiteOn’s I have seen only had one bezel…

Anyways, I can’t decide which one I should get… damn it. Maybe I should buy them all, lol.

I like 12x DVD-RAM thingy but I hate not being able to scan.