BY02 RICOHJPNR01 ..... WonderBurnâ„¢

I got my SOny DRU-710A last week. I decided to stick to the stock BY02 FW and only applied the Recommended Tweaks, 12x Read Speed and CrossFlashing/Dead Drive Blink on Omnipatcher.

I was also sick of the MoserBaer 4X DVD+R/DVD-R which I was using. The scans were good, but I could not write them @ 8X no matter what I did.

So today I got a Sony DVD+R’s which apparently are RICOHJPNR01 Branded. With the BY02 tweaked FW, I was able to write them at 8X without any problems. I burned a full DVD in 7 minutes. :slight_smile:

Anyways … the scans look good too … :bigsmile:

Pic1: BY02 Tweaked : Burned and Scanned @ 8X
Pic2: BY02 Stock : Burned and Scanned @ 4X

BY02 + Omnipatcher (Codeguys) + RICHOJPNR01 = :bow: :bow:

Very good but i suggest running a nero CDSpeed scan as quickly as possible

Rescan your 8x burn at 4x scan speed. You can not compare 4x and 8x scans as 4x uses CLV and 8x uses CAV. 4x is the standard scanning speed for Liteon drives here.

i posted up scans a little better then that… burned @ 8x
i was amazed same media…
where they maxell`s by anychance?

more scanning goodness … 4.2GB @ 8X (Burn & Scan)


don’t ever do scans at 8x, as they say. you cannot compare or judge anything from them.

The green line in your scan and Errors: 4 are not good.

hmm … what does that mean anyways?

hmm … what does that mean anyways?

it means the data has probably gone to a better place

i just read that people have done 12x easy on the RICOHJPNR01 … i was wondering which strategy I should use for 12x??

one of my friends suggested a TY strategy … but he didn’t exactly know which one …

could someone help me out here?

totally unrelated but dont you think ‘Wonderburn’ sounds a bit cheesy?

lol … i was too happy at that time … and wanted to use an unused patented word … :stuck_out_tongue:

i want to know too

Even though KProbe scanning is usually done at 4x, my experience is that results at 8x and 2x (actually 2.4x) are worse than 4x.

So when you get good results at 8x, too (meaning you should also do the 4x scan), then it seems to indicate a good burn even more (and good media).

umm … could someone help me out with the 12x on RICOHJPNR01 media please?

Sammy, which RicohJPNR01 is that? Sony 4X +R?

yes … it’s Sony 4x DVD+R … 25PK Spindle …

try with r02 strat…

it is already at R02 strat … but it cannot do 12x … which strat should i use for 12x??

don’t you need the actual media so you can overspeed it on OP?