BX or VIA133....?



I'm thinking of buying a new pIII 733 coppermine, but I don't know what to do....
I heard BX motherboards are fast, but the FBS of it is only 100mhz. And the coppermine proccesor can run at 133mhz , so the alternatives are VIA133 , i810 and i820.
But the i820 doesn't really work good with SDRAM and I can't afford RDRAM...
The i810 isn't that good either, so the only one remaining is the VIA133.
Or is it still better to buy a BX motherboard, although it does run at 100mhz.

My other problem is the AGP port.
Is it a big performance difference between 2X and 4X ? (The BX has got only 2X)

I would be very gratefull for your replies.




Make sure you visit http://www.tomshardware.com
There is an excellent new article that will answer all of your questions.


Have you ever thought about buying an AMD Athlon CPU? I know they don’t use 133MHZ FSB yet, but they are a lot cheaper. A PIII 733 is a lot more expensive then an AMD K7 800 is and the AMD is faster! Ok, the 100MHZ FSB slows it a little compared to a PIII, but since the AMD’s FPU is way better you’ll get a very fast system for less money. Believe me, the AMD is really worth the money (my Athlon 600 perfoms often better then my friends PIII-600 with the same amount of RAM and the same videocard!).



Yes wanderer is right, if you are a overclocker you want to read the article Tom wrote, in this article you can see that the BX chipset overclocked at 133mhz kicks i810,i820 and even i840’s ass!!!
BX rules!