BWI and BWS files not doing anything

Im trying to burn an image using blindwrite 4.5.7. But all i have are these .bwi and .bws. And for blindwrite to continue to burn it needs a .bwt file. So what can i do, i mean the files is recognized as blindwrite files witht he blindwrite icon on them, but they don’t do anything for blindwrite… any help would be greatly appreciated

Make fresh images of your original cds. Then you’ll have the necessary .bwt files for burning. :wink:

is there no way to convert those two files into a .bwt file, and if not that makes them absolutely useless files? Cause i do not have the originals anymore. And i would like to have this disk again.

Whether or not they are totally useless depends upon what they were images of and whether or not the .bws file is really required. More info is needed. What was/were the original disc/s?

I copied a svcd movie my friend made of his motorcycle group. So it is sitting as a .bwi and .bws file. The .bws file is very small compared to the .bwi file. I wasn’t paying attention when i dumped the disk to my hd. And so now when i select either of the files, no disk information comes up in the box and the “next” button is uncolered disabling me from continuing

It must have been more than just not paying attention. You must have deleted the .bwt (control) files.

However, as I presume that the material on the original disc is not copyright (or at least that your friend who made it has no objection to you having/making a copy) and since the .bws file will be unnecessary, I’m willing to assist.

Try just re-naming the extension of the .bwi file to .bin. You can then either make your own cue sheet and use any bin/cue burning application or you can use a program that can burn a .bin image without a cue sheet (in fact, even nero can do so if you burn it as a foreign image format).

So long as the original cd was single tracked (as svcds invariably are), your burnt copy will work just fine. [If, however, the original was multi-tracked; i.e. a data track and one or more audio tracks, then without the .bwt (control) file your image is useless because the tracks will become scrambled when burnt.]