BwgBurn Version 0.3.0 Released



I have just put version 0.3.0 of BwgBurn up on source forge (see This software is written to run under Windows XP running dotnet 2.0. This software package is going to be a full featured CD/DVD burning package. The current release supports CD/R, CD/RW, and DVD+RW. You can create audio disks from WAV/PCM input files. You can create data disks targeted at CD/R, CD/RW or DVD+RW media.

The latest release includes audio format conversion so any wave/PCM file can be used as input. This release also adds the capacility to read the “real” media manufacturer for DVD+RW media. Finally many bugs are fixed in the GUI.

Please take a look and provide feedback via the forums at sourceforge.


This really is open source software so the source is available at sourceforge as well.


I just put 0.3.1 up. This adds support for DVD+R media, and support for multi-session disks, plus many GUI bugs have been fixed.

Don’t know if anyone is playing with this or not, but if you are feedback is appreciated.