*.bwa work with daemontools?

I’ve just download blindwrite 422, and I’ve made an image from HITMAN2. I’ve made the file *.bwa too with the same name than the images. All the files are in the same folder, but trying to use daemon-tools they don’t work.

I can install the game from daemon, but I can’t play, it looks like that it’s loading and after a few seconds does anything more.

My *.bwa file isn’t valid? or for now only works with daemon tools alcohol images and his *.mds files.?

DT 3.23 will run new SecuROM without emu - UT2K3 in my case (as will Alcohol). So, you mustn’t have a RAW image, methinks.

Are you sure? I try with that version of daemon-tools and HITMAN2 didn’t work and it has securom protection, for that I try to use with that *.bwa file. :confused: