BWA without Blindsuite?

I want to use the CloneCD, BWA Builder, TwinPeaks to copy my SecuRom 4.x games but i despise Blind because of there past bugs that hurt me ever so. But i cant use BWA Builder without blind installed. Is there any other programs to build BWA’s, maybe a third party system. Or is there a good site i can use to DL BWA files for all teh new games like, RCTY2, NOLF2, etc…

Blindwrite is just fine now, just use it. There are currently no other programs that create or use BWA files, so take it or leave it.

blindwrite is a lot better now than it used to be. I have no hassles at all with it.

You can just copy the bwa builder executable to another part of your hard drive and then uninstall blindwrite. The bwa builder will still work so long as you’ve left the patin-couffin drivers on your system.