.BWA with a PX-W4824A

Hi Guys,

I’m just wondering…what’s the ideal speed to create a BWA file in Blindwrite with this CD-RW?

And is it better to ‘set automatic last sector’ in the BWA prog rather than choosing one yourself?

Reason Im asking is that I bought a new plexy 48 yesterday, updated the firmware to 1.03 to copy copy BWA. I tried a ‘max’ read in the prog on UT2003 but when I burned it (again at max speed) the disk was a coaster.

I have backed up UT2003 this morning however and it’s a perfect 1:1. Installs and plays but I used futureproof’s UT2003 .BWA file. I would liek to create these files myself and im sure the plexy can do it, just need to know best settings etc.

Also, anyone tried to do 1:1 of Europa 1400: The Guild? (It’s also Securom new) V.7 i think, one before UT2003.


i normally read and write at 4 speed, and have had some sucsess:)

Success in a Plextor? Really? They shouldn’t read discs containing twin sectors properly…

In my case I have problems running discs with twinsectors in my plex 8/20, 8/2/20 & 121032S.
But they work well in a plex 40x and both ultraplex 32x and 40x