BWA Problem

I got a problem, was wondering if anyone knows what the problem is. When ever i go to make a BWA file, I gives me a “read error at sector 0”. I have a MEMOREX DVDUR/RW 8412AJ. Any ideas???

Tryed cleaning media?
Reading at a slower speed ie 4x?
Setting the device to Secondary Master?

Which BWA maker version are you using?

Tried all 3, still cant get it to work???

Using the version with Blindwrite suite 4.5.7

What is the title of your software you want to backup?

If it’s a BWA of a dvd-rom version game that you are trying to make with 4.5.7 it won’t do it, 4.5.7 does not support building dvd BWA’s.

its not DVD, it is MAFIA v1.2

Mafia is safedisc 2.7 protected not securom 4.8+. You don’t need a bwa file.

Mafia is safedisc 2.7 protected not securom 4.8+. You don’t need a bwa file.

You have to use a BWA mainly for SecuROM games and never ever for SafeDisc games :slight_smile:

There was released Mafia Platinum recently and I think its using Securom

yeah, i used a-ray scanner to get securom 4.8

Maybe you can create a BWA using Alcohol, if you don’t have it get the trial version.

  1. read the Image using SecuROM 4/5 profile
  2. set MDS reading speed to 1x ( you can also use higher speed but slower reading will end in a better result :))
  3. when the MDS reading is finished (you’ll see it in the log) stop reading but don’t delete the files keep them!!!
  4. now open BWA builder and convert your MDS file, which is saved in the folder where you saved your Alcohol Image, to a BWA file and that’s it

hope it works for you ArchLegionnaire

p.s. did you try both of your drives, if not do it