BWA image take too long to create

I’m trying to create the image of Hitman 2 with my Lite On 24102b firmware 5s07. It took more than six hours at 1x and it yet hasn’t finished. So I cancelled it and set at 4x. This time it still creating the image after 2 and half hours. According to BWA info it said about 2 hours. I don’t understand why it took so long to create the BWA image. Has anyone got the same problems? What about if I set it to max? Will the back up work?:frowning:

Had a similar story with my Liteon LTD-163 reading NOLF2 (UK version) - cancelled after 4 hours with the sector count only down to 200,000. Changed to max speed and tried again - 2 hours later and the sector count only down to 150,000 I cancelled. Also (with hindsight - this was my first attempt at BWA’ing so was unsure what the actual graph would look like) the graph produced was totally ridiculous - it was a completely straight line, with the linear density increasing up to 480 before I cancelled.

Tried the process again, but this time used my Mitsumi 4809X CDRW - no problems at all - the graph “looked” like the nice deviated curve (realistic density and it took around 15 minutes on 4x speed. Image burned and used successfully.

Do you have another device to try the read from? If so, I’d give that a try.

I have tried that with my Toshiba SDM1402 it only took lass than 10 minutes to create the BWA image. But I don’t know why the Lite On 24 take too long. The BWA image that the Tosh created didn’t work anyway. The only image that will work is only the Lite On.You can check out from Blindwrite web site. At the hardware section. I don’t know whether I have to upgrade my firmware from 5s07 to 5s5a in order to make the BWA create the image faster.

You could also look for an .mds file for your game from the D-Tools website. BWA Builder has a convert .MDS --> .BWA option.