BWA for Ski Racing 2005



Do anybody know where can I find BWA file of Ski Racing 2005 featuring Herman Maier (JoWood)?


If you can afford a registered copy of Blindwrite, then you can use BWA Builder and make one yourself.


Do you know the protection used?


It is SecuRom . I know how to do it but I don’t have BWA :confused:


Just create your own bwa.


You can download and use BlindWrite 4’s BWA builder for free as long as its not a DVD you arecreating a BWA from.


Yes, but I f*cked up my cd and I only have the image i made if something is wrong with my cd :sad:


Then sorry mate but it looks like your out of luck…


It’s a pity that your original cd f*cked up! :sad:

This link may help you: