BWA files blacklisted?

I copy CD’s on my old P-III and I play games on my new P4 1,8Ghz.
I copied Hitman 2 and NOLF 2 with my Plex24x on my old machine. I played them on mine P4 without a problem. Today it wasn’t working anymore. My PC didn’t recognised the cd as an original.
The only thing that could interfere were two BWA-files from my old PC that I copied to the PC I play with for sending a mail to a friend. After that a NO GO !?
I removed the two BWA-files again and no more problems ! Hitman 2 and N0LF2 started without any problems.

don’t you forget to use the atip killer ? such insektors or anything else ?

I copied NOLF2 and Hitman2 on my old PC with my Plex24 using blindwrite and tried to play it in the cd-rom drive on my new machine. On this machine, there was and still is nothing installed like CloneCD, Blindwrite or Alcohol,… Certainly nothing like Daemontools or insektors. I played from the cd-rom drive.
It was no problem. Until there were two BWA-files that I copied there. It won’t play anymore. I deleted them and no more problem ??
Maybe I’m telling something stupid, something that can not happen normally ?? I could’nt find something else.

I copied NOLF2 also with my plex px-1610A.


I can’t believe of this… if there is other members which confirm this maybe I should take a look, but how it can be possible, as we make test of burn and play on the same computer with a large number of bwa files on the hd…

I’m sorry Lapinou, I was too quick. :confused: :confused:
I can’t install from the play cd, and the autostart gives an error. So when he’s trying to autostart I can not play. (After a minute or two the pc gives an autostart error, but I didn’t knew that at the time) I stopped trying and I though it had something to do with those BWA-files, because it was all that I changed comparing to the day before (when everything was ok). When I restarted everything looked ok. So don’t worry, my stupid mistake.


ok not problem.