BWA files and a point of view

Hi, I have a LG burner and i wanted to know if it can make good BWA’s because i tried and never succeeded once…and since im no real specialist in making backups, how do you know what settings to use when you make BWA’s?

I would also like to know if the burner i have is any good…it does most of my backups fine, but i never see anyone with a way of copying with an LG burner.

And another thing…I dont know if it already existed, but is there any threads that contain a standered way of backing up the latest protections with all softwares that are usually used; that should generally worked for most people( I know that these type of thing can vary). If not, it should be done because its becomming harder and harder to find info on how to do a good backup. And most threads that i find are never what im looking for exactly or are not clear enough for newbs to understand, and im sure a lot of people would ask less questions if things were explained clearly. Don’t get me wrong…some explanations are great but you really have to dig a long time sometimes to get the info you need.

Well i hope nobody gets mad about what i said…It just a though and i find it would help newbs out.

P.S. This Forum still rocks!!!:bow:

Hi saitoh183,

There’s quite a lot of help with BWA settings in some of the ‘How to back up Securom …’ type stickies posts. Not only on the Blindwrite forum, but look in the Alcohol and also CloneCD forums.

It will help you a lot if you can find out exactly what protection is on the CD you’re trying to back up, e.g. using ClonyXXL, protection identifier, safedisc analyser etc., or look it up in one of the game protection lists that Bulk and portmac keep.

I’m not familiar with your LG burner for doing Securom, but I’m sure that someone else here will be.

Probably the reason that you don’t see too many people posting about the LG burners, is simply that there’s likely to be much more Lite-On and Plextor users.

I suppose there’s not really a standard way of copying the latest stuff, as it tends to vary between what hardware you have and which software you use, and how you use it, but it won’t be drastically different, but anyway don’t be afraid to ask if you get stuck or use the search facility. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps?


My LG (16x) does not generally make very good BWA, it (like almost all LGs) does not like being told what speed to read at and so it uses max unless there are read errors - my 48125W is quite good at 4x.

Thanks for the Tip Lazer!:slight_smile:

I was thinking last night after i posted this thread and i was wondering why doesn’t this forum have just a section where people post how they did there backups(and only that type of post) so that its easier for newcomers to find what they need to know fast…The threads would only be about successful backups and the settings used.

Anyways thats just a question…