Bwa file for mafia 1.2

where can I find a bwa file for mafia 1.2? A-ray scanner says protection is securom 4.87.xx


i have the us version of Mafia which is SafeDisc 2.7…do not know if there is an bwa file …if there is check out

Maybe creating one by yourself would solve your problem because i didn’t find any on the net. Take a look here UT2003 Tutorial How To Backup with Blindwrite or here at the end of the thread if it’s not working

Can’t seem to make a decent one with liteon 52327s or toshiba dvdrom. Too many spikes in it to work. Is there any way to edit the bwa file after it has been created to remove the spikes?

Yes. Have a search for a program called BWAEdit.

Take a look at must be somewhere in the download section, if you didn’t read at slow speed try reading at 1x using your toshiba and don’t touch your pc while reading. Maybe this ends in a better result. Good luck :slight_smile:

i’ll try that.