BWA Edit -Help Please-

Could someone please direct me to a tutorial of some sort on how to repair bad bwa files using BWA Edit and to any info on how to minimize the amount of spikes on a curve when using Blindwrite 4.2.5’s BWA Builder.

Thanks in advance

The first thing to do is to load up your BWA file into the program.

Load your BWA File by clicking on File and then Open.

Here you will need to find your file and then click on it. Finally hit the Open button to load it up.

The best way to edit the curve is to zoom in. This enables you to see the curve easier.

To zoom in click on the magnifying glass and click on your curve. You may have to zoom in a few times to get close enough to edit it properly.

If you zoom in to close or lose the curve then you can zoom out by holding down the Ctrl key and then clicking on the screen again.

To edit this you will need to unselect the zoom feature by clicking on the magnifying glass again. This will put you into editing mode. To edit the curve you will have to click and drag the bottom of the curve up to the main curve. The best way to get a good curve to to drag the dip near to the curve and then Zoom in again and then drag the dip close to the curve again. You may have to keep on doing this until you have a good curve.

There maybe other less obvious defects with your curve. These can be small hardly noticeable peaks or dips in the curve. These can be edited the same way. The best way to see if you need to edited something is to see if the line is in red. If it is then this normally means that it should be edited and brought into line with the rest of the curve. It is also a good idea to see what the area around the curve is doing and make sure that you bring the peak or dip back inline with the curve.

Once you are happy with your graph it is time to save it.

To save your graph click on File and then Save As.

Here I would recommend that you give your BWA file a unique name to that you don’t overwrite your original file. Please remember though that the file will not be used by the burning program if the name is not the same as the original. I would suggest moving your orginal file to a different directory for safe keeping. After this you can give your edited file the original name.

Hope that helps