Bwa Builder Problems

Hi guys as u can see im a newbie, im trying to make a copy of command and conquer generals zero hour and for some reason when i try and make a bwa file the bwa program always stops at 96.16% and nothing happens after, i have a samsung 52xcdr/24/cd-rw/52x cdrom/16x dvd-rom, or if theres a place i can dl that bwa file or anything i can use i will surely appreciate it.

I don’t have the game but looking around a few protection listing sites it seems that this game may have Safedisc 2.90.040 protection on it and so if it does you don’t need to make or use a BWA file.

To check what protection you have on your CD download ClonyXXL and run it. This will tell you the protection you are trying to copy.

This link should work. ClonyXXL Download

If it is safedisc then you may want to have alook at this page as it contains alot of info on how to copy SafeDisc.

Thanks alot Womble im going to try and burn the game again now that i know it has safe disc. Thanks for your help