BWA Builder error!


I tried to use bwa builder included in blindwrite but when I start it after few seconds an error message appears: ERROR: unable to detect angular speed.

Someone can help me? Do you know what does it mean? If there is no answer can you suggest me another bwa builder?

I have a Samsung dvd-rom sd-616q, a Traxdata ide-cd r/rw 16x10a and the virtual clone drive installed with clone cd v

I have this problem with all cds and with all the drives above.

The version of blindwrite is 4.5.7

And the game would be?

with all the games I have; when I start bwa builder the cd doesn’t run! In particularly with GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice city is securom, but remember that bwa builder will not work if you have bad sectors ie laserlock, safedisk and the such. Besides that, try different speed combinations. Set different parameters when you try to use bwa builder.