BW5 & SecuROM (DVD) & Plextor PX-712A ?!?

Hi ppl,

just crossed the Plextor Homepage and did see THIS !!!

Question: This is the first DVD-Recorder supporting the (for SecuROM (CD)) famous GigaRec, VariRec, PowerRec, SecuRec - everything a Plex Premium has… So, would it be possible to copy SecuROM’s on DVD (e.g. UT2004) as with BW 4.5.7 and a Plex Premium (for CD’s)?!?

If so, does BW 5 already support this?!?
If not - can it be done, please? I think, i would upgrade then… :wink:


no it doesn’t work. plextor 712 prevent to use the same functions we were using before… do a petition to Plextor, not to us …


Are you sure about this new 712 drive? I know the 708 won’t do it because it doesn’t have varirec. But this newest one appears to have varirec along with gigarec, so couldn’t it do the same as the Premium? I saw in the other thread about this that you say plextor prevents you from using this feature?

I guess I just don’t understand how they could prevent you, if the drive has the feature, how is it you can’t use it? If you could elaborate at all that would be nice. :slight_smile:

I figured they would come out with it on some new drives. Maybe it just took them a bit longer to implement varirec to the DVD burner series. I would bet Liteon or some other company will soon have some kind of varirec technology very soon also.

They can’t let people think Plextor out did them, now can they? :wink:

have you heard of backing up with this burner?
did you try?
coz blindwrite doesn`t make the plex do close to 1:1 backup

coz blindwrite doesn`t make the plex do close to 1:1 backup

?? not sure what you mean

Plextor PX-708A does have varirec… :slight_smile:

From Plextor site:

PX-708A Benefits

* Writing DVD+R: 8x
*           DVD-R: 4x
*           CD-R: 40x
* Rewriting DVD+RW: 4x
*              DVD-RW: 2x
*              CD-RW: 24x
* Reading DVD-ROM: 12x
*            CD-ROM: 40x
* Buffer Underrun Proof Technology: Stops buffer underrun errors
* [b]VariRec Technology[/b]



The new Plextor burner is a normal DVD-Burner with the Features of the Premium :wink: e.g. 1:1 Copy’s of SecuRom protected CD’s…not DVD’s.

MfG Deep

How does plextor prevent you from using the new tech?
Hardware, Bios, has it got a built in black list… or have you had a visit from lawyers?


Well, I do not know what kind of functions you are talking about, but
VARIREC for sure is in no way helpful to copy SECUROM.

To anybody interested in VARIREC:

The VARIREC feature from plextor is a simple preset command
to alter the default laserpower (like the manual OPC setting).
Usage of Varirec results in most cases in an unreadable medium.
The best advice one can give about it is to avoid using it.

I’ve used varirec several times and it has never produced unreadable medium.

So what function of the Plextor Premium is used to backup Securom protections?

Gigarec Technology :wink:

BlindWrite 5 => Media topology will be reproduced by Varirate
BlindWrite 4.5.7 => BWA support by Rate variation is used

Please stop messing around with technical terms. I think we already mentioned that it will NOT work with the 712 – period.
Contact Plextor…

Contact Plextor and say what? I still don’t understand what needs to change to make it work.

Blindwrite use gigarec tecnology that is used to write more data on CD…this tecnology don’t works on DVD. So only with PREMIUM is possibile.


I’ve read the specs of this plextor drive a few weeks ago on the plextor homepage.

Because of the GigaRec Feature I thought it would be possible to backup SecuROM New protected CD-ROMs like the Premium can do.

To make this point clear: I’m not talking of backing up protected DVDs!

So is this possible?

(sorry for my bad english)

If you look in this thread at the post above by lapinou, it seems that the answer is no.

By the way, if Plextor made it intentionally as lapinou’s post suggests, probably it will be dangerous also to apply future releases of the firmware (that is > 1.05) to the Premium… :sad:


Am sorry am a bit confused on the new cdfreaks review it said it can copy just fine what am i missing here?

You are missing the fact that the securom tested was OLD.

Lapinou, -or other Blindwrite crew:

If someone does a firmware modification to the 712, can it be used with Blind write as the plextor premium?