BW5 giving trouble

After trying to make a backup of BF 1942 Secret Weapons with my PC using BW5 and a PIONEER DVR-105, I ended up with a toaster. So, I uninstalled BW 5 from my PC and installed it on my second PC having A Sony DRU-500A on it.

Using BW 5 to make the same backup (BF1942 Secret Weapons) with my Sony DRU-500 A (latest firmware) is giving me trouble too.
After starting the extraction, a few seconds later the extraction is halted and BW asks to remove the partial image file.

Remark: On the second PC using the latest version of BW4, it´s impossible for me to select/test the CD access layer.

I did install the patin-couffin installer successfuly.

What might be the trouble ?

This is the log file:

15/10/2003 22:36:19 info ******************** Report session closed *********************
15/10/2003 22:34:58 error Extraction failed
15/10/2003 22:34:58 error Drive is not ready to extract. Retry in a few seconds.
15/10/2003 22:34:58 info Extraction started
15/10/2003 22:33:04 error Extraction failed
15/10/2003 22:33:04 error Drive is not ready to extract. Retry in a few seconds.
15/10/2003 22:33:04 info Extraction started
15/10/2003 22:32:04 error Extraction failed
15/10/2003 22:32:04 error Extraction is impossible, Can’t find an appropriate read method.
15/10/2003 22:32:04 error Can’t find a method to read a CD DATA track
15/10/2003 22:31:48 info Reading device : 1:0:0 - SONY DVD RW DRU-500A 2.0g [G]
15/10/2003 22:31:48 info Extraction started
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info Using ASPI dll in “C:\Program Files\vso\BlindWrite\NtAspi32.Dll” version 5, 0, 0, 0
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info Autoplay driver active. Version 2
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info User default language : 2067 (0x0813h) - Dutch (Belgium)
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info System default language : 2067 (0x0813h) - Dutch (Belgium)
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info Version
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info Title : BlindWrite Beta
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info ExeName : “C:\Program Files\Vso\BlindWrite5\BW.exe”
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info OS : Microsoft Windows XP Personal Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
15/10/2003 22:31:19 info ******************** Report session started ********************

halting meaning did it go threw writing real quick or what ?? kinda confused … what antivirus you have on pc ? what are your motherboard chipset drivers ???

also download the new beta .96 …that is new one out and i have used it for all my bf1942 backups and more …so far no problems at all …

Halted, means it quit writing instantly.

System configuration:
MSI Motherboard, Intel P4 1,8 Ghz, 256 Mb, Award bios 6.00 PG version 1.0H, Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti 200, Sony DVDRW DRU 500A (latest firmware), DVD ROM 16X, using registerde versions of RecordNow, CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, Pinnacle Instantcopy.

okay you need to go ahead and download new version of BW5 …

the version out is .97 …

also your antivirus …what are you using ??? just for kicks unistall it … if it is nortons 2003 that is the problem …but nortons 2004 fixed there problem … also uninstall clonecd … you can reinstall later but dont do the virtual drivers …then you might wanna unistall alcohol for right now to see if that is causing problem … or at least disable virtual drives …

but it is either going to be your antivirus … or clone cd virtual drives if i remember right …I just usually unistall clonecd all together but that is up to you …

but i would start off unistalling those two software and then see if it burns …but get newest version of blindwrite

oh just looked that is audio cd …do u know if it is protected or not …cause if wasnt that issue was fixed with .97 I believe just put out today

keep us informed

Where can I get version .97.

just had BW 5 to check for latest version and it says that my version is up to date.

Tomorrow I try to uninstall all other cd backup software.


my anti virus software is Norton Antivirus 2003

well with nortons 2003 I would disable auto protect and then burn see if that solves it up … also after done burning turn it back on so your protected

well keep us posted

same shoud be same place wehre you downloaded .96

Just removed CloneCD, Alkohol 120 %, and Norton AV 2003.
Nothing helps. Image with Blindwrite 4 is possible but not with BW 5. See the above logfile.
BW 5 does not work with either of the both drives.

BWA builder too, breaks off after finisjing +/- 37 %.

check your PM for location of BW5 version .97 …try that out and then let us know … also if it errors please post the log …also remember remove old BW5 and then install new one and reboot pc

I only have one location for downloading BW 5, send to me by email. When I try this link I get the same version of BW 5 already installed on my pc.

I paid for BW 5 only 2 days ago, but do not feel like a registered user, since I received no license key for BW 4 and it was only possible to activate BW 5 after the tech support sent me an update of te registration key to insert into the Windows registry.

On the of VSO-software it isn´t possible to download tge latest version of BW5

The extraction using .97 has started now and looks to be running ok. I hope it will not give me a toaster again.

Gracia !

Use a cdrw to avoid coasters, and after you complete the process if it doesn’t work post the log file again.

well keep us posted …also remember if you do have a problem VSO support does a good job and answering all problems …also they check forum too …

also when running into issues always use cd rw til you figure it out what is going on …well keep us posted …

hahha funny just posted and Kam you beat me to saying use CDRW


As you can see in the following logfile the extraction and writing went ok with the latest version BW and I am happy so far. But anyhow; if I used a blank CD-R I would have ended up with a toaster. It really does not work.

Believe me guys, I trust you dedicated forummembers, always ready to help out anyone having trouble, and those faboulous VSO technical support freaks always being alert to new and difficult problems in the never ending story of backing up CD´s.
Mind that I am a registerd user of Blidwrite/-read from the very beginning even before it was a commercial product and I never regretted it, being a defender of the user-rights to have one backup.

Maybe it´s worth waiting a little longer for the perfect backup-release of BW5.

Hereby my log-file(s):

17/10/2003 1:30:27 info ******************** Report session closed *********************
17/10/2003 1:27:01 info Writing completed in 19:15
17/10/2003 1:26:37 info Finalize started
17/10/2003 1:07:52 info Write started
17/10/2003 1:07:52 info Buffer Under-run protection is enabled
17/10/2003 1:07:46 info Backup tagged for Autoplay
17/10/2003 1:07:46 info DAO PW writing mode selected
17/10/2003 1:07:46 info Writing speed selected x4
17/10/2003 1:07:45 info DAO writing mode preferred
17/10/2003 1:07:45 info Writing CD-ROM Disc [SECRETWEAPONS] - Image Size 721 Mb.
17/10/2003 1:07:45 info Writing device : 1:0:0 - SONY DVD RW DRU-500A 2.0g [G] (Ide)
17/10/2003 1:07:45 info Erase media completed in 21:22
17/10/2003 0:46:23 info Erasing media
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info Using Patin-Couffin driver Version 1.15, Internal revision 15
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info Autoplay driver active. Version 2
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info User default language : 2067 (0x0813h) - Dutch (Belgium)
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info System default language : 2067 (0x0813h) - Dutch (Belgium)
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info Version
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info Title : BlindWrite Beta
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info ExeName : “C:\Program Files\Vso\BlindWrite5\BW.exe”
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info OS : Microsoft Windows XP Personal Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
17/10/2003 0:45:56 info ******************** Report session started ********************
17/10/2003 0:43:47

info ******************** Report session closed *********************
17/10/2003 0:25:54 info Media topology isn’t required
17/10/2003 0:25:54 info Extraction successful in 29:51
17/10/2003 0:25:54 info 590 sectors fixed between LBA 001504 and 010964
16/10/2003 23:56:04 info Free Space on destination path 9,23 Gb.
16/10/2003 23:56:04 info Reading CD-ROM Disc [SECRETWEAPONS] - Image Size 721 Mb.
16/10/2003 23:56:03 info Reading device : 1:0:0 - SONY DVD RW DRU-500A 2.0g [G] (Ide)
16/10/2003 23:56:03 info Extraction started
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info Using Patin-Couffin driver Version 1.15, Internal revision 15
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info Autoplay driver active. Version 2
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info User default language : 2067 (0x0813h) - Dutch (Belgium)
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info System default language : 2067 (0x0813h) - Dutch (Belgium)
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info Version
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info Title : BlindWrite Beta
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info ExeName : “C:\Program Files\Vso\BlindWrite5\BW.exe”
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info OS : Microsoft Windows XP Personal Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
16/10/2003 23:55:43 info ******************** Report session started ********************

Thank you for getting my BW 5 working.

well your log looks alot better … not like before cause you was not using pcouffin drivers and it was bombing out …I am still looking over log to see what is going on … and also most of us that help people have tested the softare long long time before even commercial too … that is how we know hwere to look for certain problems …so curious it worked but only on cd rw ??? kinda confused

Are you trying to play the back-up from the machine you are createing it on? Or using a different machine? If another machine what sofware is on it?

Giovanni, I only have tried to backup on a Philips CD-RW80 1-4X 700 Mb. Until now I did not test the newer version with a blank CD-R.
But as I stated, the CDRW did not work emulating the original Secretweapons CD.

oh okay so you didnt get a working copy ??? that is what i was trying to figure out

Kamikazee, I´m trying to play the game on another machine, NO special software like BW 5, Alkohol 120%, only games and BW 4.
Specs are: Medion PC, P4 2,6 Ghz, Radion 9600 TX, Pioneer DVD-RWDVR-105, SONY DVD-ROM DDU612, Seagate ST 3120023A. Neither drive let the game work.

well u have to have bw5 install or the stand alone client …

one …

cause you are playing it from a burner …dont matter dvd or cd burner …


cause autoplay hides the atip

also your sony may not be able to do sd 2.9, which is the protection it uses cause it is very hardware dependant …what error are you getting and the other board what chipset ?? …I cant remember if it can or not … you can use the tweaker to enhance weak sectors … but I am not for sure maybe someone can confirm that sony 500 cant …i thinking it cant but not too sure …

Can’t find the new .97 here also.

Have yet to make a working back up with BW5.

Do I understand correctly, disable Norton 2003 … or uninstall it ??