BW5 + BW4-BWA Does It Work?


I need some info about the way BW5 handles the combination
from a BW5 image and a BW4-BWA file !

Example for my files:
Image B5T
Image.BWA <- Does BW5 use the BWA file with the same name
and in the same dir. for burning with Plex. Prem. Autoplay OFF ?

I am asking cause may topology is not so good, and I want to
use a ohter BWA file ?

Another question, If i start BlindWrite5 with the newest
BW5-Tweaker which options are superior, cause the
logfile shows automatic profile loaded but also shows
startet with external parameters ?!?!?!?

many thx 4 the nfo


create a BWA or download a good one, use the tweaker and in the topology tab just select Do Not Write Topology, then when you go to write, again use the tweaker and the topology tab and have it use the topology and browse to where the topology file is, and yes the names would have to be exact if you do it this way.
When you see the line started with external parameters then you know the tweaker is being used. Don’t worry about Automatic unless launched with external parameters is missing, if you don’t see it then the tweaker did not make the proper settings.

First many thx 4 answer :wink:

More technical questions !

How does BW5 handel Alcohol images that include the " Media Description " <- (BWA from Alcohol )
in the MDS-File, does it write the extra info in the MDS file like the BWA from BW ?

If I use the tweaker to select manually the BWA File for an Alcohol image,
that incudes the " Media Desciption " in the MDS-File like descriped above,
how does BW5 hadel this , does it use the " Media Desciption " from the MDS-File or does it ( replace ) use the BWA from the Tweaker and worse of all could it use BOTH ?!?!?!?

I hope you underestand my questions :wink:

many thx 4 hlp.


Right now I don’t think the topology builder for Blindwrite will convert the MDS to Topology, so your best bet would be to use the BWA builder from BlindWrite 4 to convert the the MDS to BWA and then follow the instructions above. But you won’t be able to just load and use the MDS in Blindwrite 5

I did try to burn an alcohol image with MDS information once and it worked as good as with a BW5 image file.
I do not know, since I have not tried this, but if you select an alcohol image file with the MDS information and use the BW5Tweaker to load an external BWA file, I would have to guess that BW5 is going to use the BWA file instead of the MDS information (but this is just a far guess from me, kamikazee knows this stuff much better)

BW5, securom 4/5, .mds .bw4 or bw5 image sets will all burn fine BW5 twinpeaks using the tweaker. no emu needed, and to confirm you can force a .mds alco image set to use a better bwa if you like.