Bw5 110 write speed prolblem

ive noticed with several different types of media that bw5 or my drive not sure which cannot detect properly it will default to 52x speed on a write. can VSO fix this so if it cannot detect the media type to default it to 4x…seems a much safer thing to do as my 12x cdr media doesnt like being writen at 52x:o

The max speed that a medium is going to be written at is usually set but the drive itself and not by the software with features such as PoweRec or Smartburn. What is the drive that you are using?

ASUS 5224A and a TEAC external which is the same drive rebagged. I have the latest firmware on the teac so i cant do much else other than manually override the maximum write speed. I understand that it may be the firmware not detecting the media correctly…would just like to override it like i can do with other burning programs.

if i use tdk media it seems to work better…just have to be more careful of what media you use with bw5 and make sure your drive recognizes it correctly.

Is there ways i can externally influence the writing speed?

N/M Im stupid i was leaving the default write speed setting for my drive at high in BW5 must of missed that…since i changed it to slow the writes slow down…DOH!

disregard this post VSO sorry bout that…hehee :eek: