BW-Tweaker Q?

what does the ‘Bad Zone’, ‘Gap Zone’ and ‘Hidden Zone’ do? when do i need to use it?

2nd what does fast error skip value do? is it the number of retries?
how to know what value my drive needs (is there a list or someway to find out)?
what would be the best value for a lite-on cd-writer and a lg dvd-writer?

please dont answear that if i dont know, i dont need to use it. i want to learn :slight_smile:

Again it is on me :smiley:

Bad Zone - U can use it when u know where are bad sectors for exmpl. 1000-1051,1055-1600… Some protections use it. U can speed up reading using this

Gap Zone - Same as before but u must locate GAP

Hidden Zone - As I said…I will tell later

Fast error skip value - Really don’t know what exactly do this. And also no idea how to find out best value, u must test and for LiteOn it is 0

thx for the answears :smiley:
i understand now what ‘Gap Zone’ and ‘Bad Zone’ (after a little research i think i know what ‘Hidden Zone’ does, but i may still be wrong) does

anyway i have another question now:
when i use ‘write with plextor premium’ with a burner that isnt a plextor and (officialy) doesnt support the premium features, will it still write the premium way?

Of course no, it will fail writting

what i meant was if the cd-writer isnt a plextor, but has a hacked frimware that does something like plextor premium does, is it then possible to use that setting or will blindwrite notice that it isnt a plextor and reject it?

Hmm u must test this. But I think firmware can’t add Gigarec and things like this

i know of some that have a drive that in theory can do gigarec, but the feature isnt used for that. thats why they are now trying to make a fs firmware so that they can do that (they love to mod), if they will manage i dont know, and it is to early to test it. thats why i asked, but i guess i will just have to wait and see