BW creating corrupt BSI & BST files?

I just downloaded BlindWrite and am on day 1 of my trial period. So far I’ve had zero success with the program. Maybe I’m missing something simple here?

I’m just trying to make an image file from a retail CD that contains software (not music!). When I run BW (in Read mode) it says it completes the operation successfully, and it creates two files on my hard drive. One has a BSI extension and is about the size I would expect. The other file has a BST extension and is only 1K.

When I try to mount the image using daemon-tools, first off it cannot find the file … it says BlindWrite images should have a BWT extension. So do the other references to blindwrite images that I can find on on the web. Why is my copy of BW producing BWI and BWS files instead of BWT files?

I tried simply renaming the BSI extension to BWT … but then daemon-tools says the image is corrupt and cannot mount it. I also tried using blindwrite to just burn the image to a CD. It seems to work, but then the CD has only one file on it.

What’s happening here?

btw: the drive I’m using to read and write is a Sony DRU-500AX, firmware 2.0h. All my other hardware drivers and firmware are up to date, also. Daemon-tools is version 3.2.9 (a little old, but has been working fine for me for quite some time).

Thanks for your help.

They should be B5 extensions, and I believe daemon tools has a plugin for Blindwrite 5.