Bw 5 question


when is bw 5 final coming out? i am not asking for an exact date but something like jan 2004 or des 2003. dont get me wrong i am not trying too hurry up the vso guys, i’d rather wait longer and get a good product then getting a half finished product early. i am just asking

second, is the bw 5 beta key going to work with the final version of bw 5?

I think it can be ready before christmas (this :D).

And beta key will not work as i know.

Correct be lapinou if is something wrong

no, beta key will not work

then it wouldnt be good to buy bw 4 now, would it? If i buy bw 4 now which is not under development anymore so i dont get any upgrades and after 2 months bw 5 final comes out, then i’ve lost 2 months of free uppgrade. Or do I get one year from when bw 5 final comes out?

registering now, let you benefit of the beta of bw5 now …
but the final version for registered user will not be released in 2 months but far sooner.

yea, but some people doesnt care if they get to try the beta. if bw 5 is coming in less than 2 months then i guess its ok.

what about dvd burning capabilities. if it cant copy like clonedvd then whats the point? dont get me wrong im not trashing bw 5, i cant wait til the final comes out. i am just wondering what dvd burning in bw 5 is for?

will dvd-toolbox pro be the clonedvd product from vso-software?

to be honest and very direct, bw5 will work “only” for dvd5 … not DVD 9 … dvdshrink, dvd2one and 321 products produce the best choices for dvd 9 to 5 . that’s not the purpose of bw5

will dvd-toolbox pro do dvd9?

dvd toolbox is not an active project… competitors are better than we can do … so we will focus on blindwrite and copytodvd at the moment…

thats to bad. til now vso-software have had excellent software and i am sure a transcoding from vso-software would have been awesome

just to be sure i understood. when will the 1 year free update start. when i get the bw 4 lincesce, when i get the bw 5 alpha/beta lincence or when i get the bw 5 final licence?

the 1 year upgrade is based on the purchase date.

thanks for your time,
vso support roxs :slight_smile:

atleast for the time being vso wil not go into transcoding, but wil vso-software make any mastering software?

and some suggestions for bw 5:
i think vso should add the possibility of adding or extracting files from a bwi image.

There is mastering software Copy2DVD

sorry, i spoke to early.
the only version of Copy2DVD i tried was the first version of Copy2CD and then it wasnt a mastering software, it were a shell with a cd-writing engine.
i have now tried Copy2DVD and it roxs.

bw 5 wil copy dvd 5, but wil bw 5 copy the dvd if it is css or do i have to use a extra software like anydvd? incase it can copy css dvd’s wouldnt vso get in trouble, like getting sued by the mpaa?

oups we forget to remove the decss code…
don’t worry , … just be patient… and don’t tell to mpaa

i would never tell the mpaa, even if vso didnt remove the decss code. so i guess i still need anydvd (stupid mpaa for making decss illegal :()

no, just be patient, I prefer to not talk about that on the forum …