BW 5 and Securom 4.8x Titles

Finally got BW5 to work with my old ´BW4 burnt copies. The only problem with BW5 that I still have is that even with 5.0.7, I can’t get Chrome or Mace Griffin to run.

Maybe in the next version.

Thanks to Lapinou for helping me to work through the problems.

The problems seemed to arise from too many deinstallations from BW in different versions, and the Trash that is left in the Registry each time. After search and delete of ‘Blindwrite’ and VSO out of the registry and then a completely clean installation of BW5, my copies of Unreal2, Mafia, Vietcong, and Blackhawk Down started working again, with BW5 installed.

The newest version of BW5 (5.0.7) seems to work really good with Safedisk Protected Disks. I was able to make a working copy of Freedom Fighters with Blindwrite first try. I didnt try it without autoplay active though…dont know if its a 1:1 copy.
I know Diskdump makes a 1:1 copy of Safedisk2.9 (Freedom Fighters) that works on computers without any burn software installed (speak emulation). At any rate, BW couldnt even burn a working copy of the Newest Safedisk Protection before. Keep up the good work

There is a way to copy SecuROM 4/5 I believe. Just download BW5Tweaker and use these features (WORKS with PLEXTOR PREMIUM only). Basic Settings: Start Page:Read, Max Read Speed Write Speed CD both:4x, Handle Read Error:Ignore, Subcodes for Data Audio both:Always Extract, Disable Incluse Autoplay Info // Topology: Writing Topology:Write with Plextor Premium, Topology Method: Automatic, Read Topology: Always Extract, Extraction Speed:4x and then select Run Blindwrite. Link for BW5Tweaker: I hope it works. I read it in the Greek magazine “Computer For Everyone”.

Yes, you need to get BW5Tweaker, but as i do not see a Plextor Burner on your list, you may need to set Topology to never extract, and then download it from or or another site like that, and then in the writing phaze, add it in. For SeuROM , 9 time sout of ten, the write method for the Topology is twin peaks. Hope this is of some use. If not, Alcohol is a proven program in defeating SecROM protection