BW (BW v-5 limited public beta RC)

BW thread here.

As I understand this your last version

and what settings you recommend for SF3 - if you support this…

As a registerd user of BW where can i download version ?
I bought BW 5 on 14th october but received no info on registering BW 4 nore the site or link to download newer versions of BW
Checking for newer versions using the link in BW does not work.

you have your licence ? otherwise, you need to contact the support.

Yes, I received 2 files to insert into te registry.

so download the latest from the link in the previous post Installed and working

Thanks !


can anyone tell me what the speed is between slow,medium,fast from blindwrite 5 beta settings?:bigsmile:

it s not defined by blindwrite but relative to the hardware…
bw ask to the hardware, what is your slow speed… and the hardware reply ( most of time x4 … )
for max the same…
and medium is half between slow and fast…

ok thankss
now i know.:smiley:

I just wanted to through my two cents in here.

I just download the puplic beta and unless i am missing something this totaly sucks!!!

I put my disk in and it reads all the way to the end and never gives me control back to me unotherwords blindwrite saids it is still reading the disk but it is’nt , no cd rom activity no harddrive activity ect just sits there forever.

At the moment i am using the 14 day demo but that is still no reason for what it does,

and as for writing forget it it wont even initalize the writing mode the drive never even start to spin up.

Ok guys and gals wht the hell am i missing.
Oh and no more cd builder for the bwa unless it is doing it automatacly.

Greg :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

bwa builder is built in now …also what cd burner are you using and can you post a log file ??? so we can see what is going on ? and how far does it read or what ? what operating system ? what IDE drivers ??? antivirus ??

TeeCee did you ever get this to work. I got one to work using version .102. Ran with all default settings. Did not use the tweaker at all. Runs in both my burner and cdrom drives.

Originally posted by TeeCee
[B]I’ve only burned with the Lite-On and have tried the copy in all drives with no success.

The original along with my 4.2.5 & 4.5.7 version copies works in all drives.

Wish I could get with you, but for now I must leave to do family things. Not sure what the problem is … but I bet it’s something simple as a window setting or something ??? :confused: [/B]

Hmm unless your right and it is a settings in windows I have

gone through the usual dma settings ect in windows

Still no go.

My writer is a liteon 48246S with firmware revision SS0E

Motherboard is a KT3 Ultra 2 with a Amd barton 2600 Cpu

512 meg of pc2700 memory Ddr 333 and at the moment i have Dma mode busmaster in Cmos enabled.

So now what got anyother idea’s

Greg confused: :confused: :confused:

look at questions i posted above …and if you have bios to set as dma doesnt mean windows will … u can check by going into device manager and IDe atapi devices and looking on primary and secondary properties …also log would be nice and what chipset your using … and what exactly it is doing …

I just checked my primary ide channel is set to ultra Dma 5 for both hardrives & Ide channel 2 is set to Ultra Dma 2 for both Dvd & Liteon wrtier.

My Dvd Liteon drive beimg my primary on the secondary channel, and my Liteon Writer being the Slave and the secondary ide channel.

I would really likee to buy this new version since my old key is ready to expire anyway but it don’t want to through money down a ratrole so to speak if i can’t get it to work.

so far nadda i cant get the dam software to say it quit reading even though it is.

I have to force the close of blindwrite but when i do that the windows won’t shut down and i manually have to boot out which cause a real mess comming back in.

That files scanner really tears my drive up when it suposedly fixing problems.

Since i use another program to defrag anyway i wish i could figure out a way to totally disable that bastard, like in the old windows 98 you could tell that OS to not scan your drives after a bad shutdown, Windows xp i have not found anyway of doing that as of yet.

Ho-Hum Life goes on…

Greg :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

okay I had to look up your board but see your running via chipset … if your running windows xp can you roll back yoru IDE drivers back to microsoft and then try ? also is that the latest firmware for your lite on ? what antivirus are you using ? if you are using nortons can you disable it and then try to burn ? also when you close out of blindwrite a log is produced …if you go to program files and then VSO folder and then log file …can you just save that to desktop and cut and paste it into forum ? also are you running via tools ?? any packet writing software ?

also new drivers can be download for your chipset if setting back to microsoft didnt work at

but i would suggest try microsoft first and then try via …

well try some of those and post back please …


I am going to through my input here from what i have seen of this new version i don’t like it a bit!

They have basicaly tried to make it dummy prof, but when they did that they took away to much control from the end user.

I tried to make a diffent copy this time unstead of “The Thing” i tried “Max Payne 2” and here is what i found out about this new fangled version.

If left on automatic it will read the data on the disk all the way to the end but will never attemp to read the Tropicgrapgical data (BWA).

I actually went to run some errons this morning early and when i came back it was still sitting on the same place trying to read the disk.

but the cd rom was no accessing nor was the hard drive.

After i got back this morning i purposly watch it for a good 15-20 and did absolutly nothing and thats not all if changing the setting to fast insead of automatic it will complete the reading of the disk which inludes the reading of the tropographical area (Bwa again) and then burned the copy but guess what the dam copy does not work at all plus the fact you have no control at what speed you want the cd written at except for that slow, medium fast setting which in my opinion is totaly worthless!!

I found out it is going to write at whatever speed it things is appropiate.

I just hope they do not follow gozilla’s footsteps and take a great product and ruin it becuase that is what gozilla did.

If i forgot to expain gozilla is a file manager when downling files via the internet

This was a piece of software that was tunned like a frarri and they basicaly downgraded it in my opinion to a volkswagon

Let just hope that the folks at Vso software will fix these major problems that are ocurring with this Public beat version.

As for now since my key is only days from expiring i will be running the older version which might include 4.2.5 to preset i am not sure yet as i keep all of there versions on my hardrive just in case.

My Hardware details are

Liteon 165 Dvd reader
Liteon 48246S w/SSOE firmware
Msi Kt3 Ultra2 Motherboard W/ 512 megs of DDR 333 memory
Amd Barton 2600 Proccessor
Ultra Dma 5 enabled for all hardrives
Ultra Dma 2 Enable for all Cdroms Drives
Both Ide ports are using 80 pin cables
Soundblaster Audigy sound card Pci Buss
Dlink 530 Tx + Nic Card
Bestdata Cmx 300 Cable Modem
Logitech optical wheel mouse
Us-Robotics 56k External Modem

One mans opinion.


:bow: :bow: :bow:

post completely useless guy, no hardware details…

please review my questions above and also new version is out .106 … thank you

cool ill have to try out 106…whats it fix?