BW 4.5.5 & CopyToCD/DVD 2.2.8



we are about to release new version. the main change is both of them install and use patin couffin 13. the new patin couffin fixe a potential BSOD due to installation of other products such as anydvd and maybe some else.

if the link doesn’t reply , it means it is officially released.

this BW should be the latest update for 4.xx the next one will be a 5.x for registered beta tester.

As usual, don’t expect I reply to post on the forum… too busy for that with the tons of new things we are preparing … so contact me by email :


Any date for BW 5.x ?

I know it is hard to tell when it will be released, just say what you " HOPE " - Many thx lapinou.



we hope this year :cool:


Just put in a new HDD and a fresh install of XP.

Couldn’t find my copy of BW 4.2.5 … also the link didn’t work here to down load it.

I said some time ago I would try out the newest version. I burnt UT 2003, bought it for my son for his B-Day, he loves that game.

I have to say it worked like a charm … takes a few seconds longer to boot but it goes.

No auto play used or installed on the kids system.

Hats off to Blindwrite team …

… used the LiteOn


good to hear that :slight_smile: