BW 4.4.2 detects SD2.7 fo NOLF2?

Another problem with blindwrite 4.4.2 !
I want to copy NOLF2 and blindread says it’s protected by SD 2.7 or below ? No special physical parameters found ?!
Protection scanner indicates securom NEW and I known it is securom NEW.
What am I doing wrong ?
I’m using a Plextor PX-1610A.

wow dude ! :smiley:

You got yurself a version that we dont have yet ? currently 4.2.3 is public , youve got 4.4.2 ???

They’re working on a clony XXL alternative but as far as I know, blindread currently does not post protections found on discs ?!
Correct me if I am wrong here ?! :smiley:

Greets and if your truly using this version !

Mail it to me pls ! :smiley: :smiley: grin

all it says is that the image is compatable with sd 2.7 or lower it means nothing just burn using the securom setting.

it said the same thing for me when i burnt ut2k3 using a lite-on


I’m sorry, I was to quick. I’m using BW 4.2.2 and NOT 4.4.2.

It’s after Blindread has read disk 1 (NOLF2) that I checked yhe made image. It said SD 2.7 ?

Thankx Slayerking !:slight_smile:

To find those special physical parameters you first have to use BWA Builder which is found in the directory where Blindread/write is installed.

When you save the BWA file created using BWA Builder, make sure you name the file the same as the image name and put it in the same directory. For example nolf2_cd1.BWA