BW 4.2.7 Autoplay NWN v1.21

How does it exactly work to make a working backup with Blindwrite 4.2.7 using the Autoplay filter?
Because I tried it with Nevewinter Nights 1.21, but it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance

Why on earth are you trying to run a copy of NWN 1.21? That version frequently won’t work from the original cd.

Update NWN to at least v. 1.23 where the securom protection was removed and your problems are over.

That is the only game I have with the new Securom on it. And so I tried to backup it.

Are you sure with that?
Here NWN with v1.21 with securom works correctly; and I made a backup using BW and autoplay and it worked well

Maybe now it is possible, but when 1.21 came out, the protection was so new and current that they forgot to pass the code on to bioware. Not only did this create problems for bioware but it created problems for game owners too, because not only were back-ups rendered useless but so were original cd’s, talk about protection huh? The problem was so wide spread that the next update 1.23 the protection was removed. So for this (1.21) version of the protection not only was bioware not informed of the changes I believe the game owners were used for beta-testers.

ah!!! :eek:
I suppose that owners of that game could change it for another one because they could not backup their originals:bigsmile:

If I use the new Alcohol v1.3.6 Build 1223 the Backup of Neverwinter Nights also works using Neverwinter Nigths version 1.21. But using BlindWrite it doesn’t work, so there has to be an error in BlindWrite.