BW 4.2.5 and UT2003


Please could someone help me im new to this copying of CD’s and have read many of the previous threads with great interest.

I paid for the BW software and purchased myself a Liteon 48125S CD Writer in the hope of being able to copy UT2003.

I followed the instructions as per How to BWA (for playing the game, also a copy without BWA for installing) and used the correct settings for creating the image and burning the image but when I tried to run the game from CD it spun for maybe 20 secs then nothing just returned to windows XP desktop.

Is there anything I have missed out?

I have now installed the latest patch for the game and im also using a NO-CD ROM patch so I can play it.

But its very annoying that i’m unable to reproduce an exact working copy.

Any help would be much appreciated



this is what i did …

in Blindwrite…i burned the image (ut2003 uk ver /securom4.x new ) i dumped with BW and with the BWA file in the same folder as the image i then selected the 'use BWA file 'option on before i commenced the burn 3mins later i have ut bkuped and i now play off my bkup disc with no crack :slight_smile:

also i did it with alchohol120%'s mds file which i then converted to BWA format . and subsequently burned back with BW and that too worked :slight_smile:

burned ut 2003 successfully at 24x (using good memorex 24x certified media with smartburn >on)

#i have the same drive as you ‘LITEON ltr48125s v1S05’ firmware latest(for better media support) THIS DRIVE IS AWESOME!make no mistake


thank you for your reply

thats interesting that you managed to get it working from your backed up copy, I appear to have done the same as you but cant get it working!

are you using a normal cd rom drive to play the game from? I only have a CD Writer and maybe thats what is causing me my problems.

yes that is the problem!! i play it off a dvd drive (which automatically dismisses the atip on the cdr making the game think its on a retail disc not a cdr)

but to get it to work on a cdrw you need a atip remover (hide cdr media ‘option’ ) in the latest BW that i have (,which i believe you have, it should have that option in the write section under BlindWrite configurations.youll find an new button called ‘autoplay’. this ‘autoplay’ feature will fix your issue but ‘insektor’ also does that trick too and alcohol does it like a charm but they must be on first to trick the cd

but im not sure if BW atip remover version needs to be on? cos it doesnt work for me … but then again i havent burned a disk with autoplay feature on? maybe BW hides the cdr media descripter without needing to run it in the bkground - now if thats the case thats better than alcohol and insektor!no running atip emulators is always good

insektor come be downed from here


i managed to back up ut2003 with 4.2.4 without a problem using the Liteon 48125S, i’m using my cd-writer to read it too (either turn off the auto start in 4.2.5 or use the hide cd media in clone cd or insektor). I used the BWA file at the sticky at the top of the page, works good :cool:

Is the problem woth Lite-On and Blindwrite fixed in 4.2.5?
Remeber reading of several issues with any version past 4.2.1