BW 4.2.1 "Emperor" or "der erste Kaiser"

Hi guys,
I have a proplem using BW 4.2.1, I tried to backup “Emperor” or in German “der erste Kaiser”, I don´t know exactly what copy protection it uses, I followed the BWA howto with my toshiba 1612 DVD-ROM (BWA extraction with 1x) and burned it with my plex 24/10/40 at 4x speed. After that I tried to install the game on both drives, but after starting installation it stops with a CRC-Error, Data´s corrupted Message after a few seconds. I also tried different BWA extracting and burning speeds and different drives but it doesn´t work at all, I just can´t install it. :a

Could anyone help me please?

Have you tried scanning it with one of the protection scanners.
One from [yAtEs] Here


I believe it is SecuRom New V- but not too sure

thanx portmac for your answer, but I recently read in another forum that plex- and toshiba-drives can´t properly read backups made with bw 4.2.1 and BWA :confused:

I hope there will be a solution in the next update of bw?