Buying Verbatim in Australia

I’m keen to buy Verbatim discs after seeing the good results and I’ve just seen that MSY is offering a 50 Pk of 16x Verbatim DVD-R for $27

Is MCC 03RG20 the ID I should be hoping for?

Certainly, MCC seems to be behind only TY in terms of praise on these forums (and is hard to come by in Australia), but I have not bought Verbatim media before, and I’m not sure how much the Verbatim discs can vary.

Is there a way I can distinguish between the discs by sight? Or better yet, has anyone bought these from MSY?

16x Verbatim DVD-R is MCC 03RG20 (it can be TYG03 in rare cases).
16x MCC/Verbatim is better than 16x TY, at least in terms of compatibility, while when you’re looking for 8x media TY is the way to go.

Look for “Made in Taiwan”, the tall cakebox lip (if applicable) and the serif “OPEN/LOCK” font. This means that you’re going to get CMC 16x Verbatim media, which is the most compatible and well-scanning one.

Check the pack for where it is made. If its Made In Taiwan then it could be either Prodisc or CMC which are both good. CMC is better though (you can tell the difference in the cakebox styles between CMC and Prodisc - The CMC stuff has a taller Lip on the top of the box).

“Made In India” Verbatim isn’t quite as good. You shouldnt get any failures with it but the quality isnt as high as “Made In Taiwan” Verbatim.

Made In Japan Verbatim is actually made by TY, but is difficult to find.

Pics: The first is a CMC cakebox, the second is a comparison shot of a MII cakebox and a MIJ (TY) cakebox.

So Verbatim 16x could have MID codes:

MCC 03RG20
TYG03 (only in Japan?)

But I should look for “Made in Taiwan”?

No, Prodisc and CMC are plants which make MCC-coded discs for Verbatim!

The only thing you need to worry about is whether they’ll have stock :wink:

Oh. I thought Mitsubishi made their own MCC coded discs :eek:

This seems pretty misleading now :confused:

I was confused because from most of what I have read, both CMC and Prodisc aren’t well known for “quality”

But I am referring to their own coded media, I didn’t know MCC discs weren’t actually made by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation…

Thanks for that info though. I will try to look out for the CMC ones from your suggestions then

Their own coded media is made either by Mitsubishi’s own factory (Singapore, only produces DL media and CD-RW now), CMC (Taiwan, high quality), Prodisc (Taiwan, acceptable quality) or Moser Baer (India, lower quality, but not bad anymore).