Buying Taiyo Yuden CD-R

Hello all.

I’m out of CD-Rs, and was going to buy some more at Best Buy today, but they were out of my regular brand. So I thought I would do some research before buying a different brand then I normally do. I use CD-Rs mostly to make SVCDs, so I need fairly high quality media. I use a Lite-On 52327s burner.

It looks like most people agree that Taiyo Yuden makes some of the best media. I don’t really want to gamble on TDK, Maxell, or Fuji hoping for TY disks. So I’m thinking about buying THESE from Rima. What do you all think? Are these the CD-Rs I’ve read about that people love?

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If you mean any of these CD blanks, then the answer is yes. Best CD media there is.

My link must not work for all, but these right?

Yes, that’s the cheapest TY CD blanks they seem to have. The other ones are more expensive because they are printable, the burn quality itself will be the same.

Great discs, highly recommended for basically anything, including important backups.

Excellent, thanks so much packetloss. To get the best for ~$30 seems like a steal. Don’t know why anyone would take the chance on a name brand hoping for Taiyo Yuden, when they can just buy them straight up. Guess some folks just like the name the disk too. Thanks again.


p.s How do these do with overburning? Thanks.

No problem, glad I could help.

Got mine for $5/50 cake from BB… a loooog time ago.

Yeah those were the good old days. I remember the best deal from BB for the TY Fuji I got was $1.99/50 and the next best was $2.99/50; after rebate of course :slight_smile:

MIR… I’m still waiting for mine.

I bought some Fuji CD-Rs (50 pk) that were TY at Best Buy about a month ago. $8 after MIR. Not that cheap, but not that bad either for TY. Just make sure that the package says “Made in Japan” for TY discs.

You’re lucky. I took Fuji TY 50pack last week for 19.99 coz I’m out. But if next week they are on sale, I will go back to BB, bring my receipt and ask for price adjustment. :smiley: I did that once and they honor it as long as <30 days. No need to bring the item, just the reciept.

Anyone know? Thanks.

You’ll have to test that yourself. That depends on both the drive you use, and the batch of media you get.

Sounds good, thanks much.