Buying Second DVD Burner: Few Questions (11/2006)

Hello everyone. Glad to see this site is still clockin’. I’m a person who usually only visits when I want to buy a burner, and after doing all the research I can on my own. So, in advance, thanks to all the regulars who help me.

I’ve been looking into a Lightscribe burner. However, for the time it takes to scribe a dvd–16+ minutes!!! I’m open to other suggestions too, such as cheap-ish ink jets that will write on DVDs. So any suggestions there are appreciated.

Second, I have a Plextor PX 740A, which has been very good. However, it is not a Lightscribe enabled burner. BTW, if I am led to buying an ink jet for writing on disks, instead of Lightscribe, I’ll probably just keep the Plextor.

Third, I read the Liteon SHM-165P6S Super Allwrite, the Samsung SH-S182D, and the Plex drives new 760A reviews. The Plextor is impressive in its quality and writing accuracy. All are impressive in their own ways, especially for the price.

The Plex is a NO sheep ripper, and is not a Lightscribe enabled drive.
The Samsung is a two Sheep ripper, but is NOT Ligihtscribe.
Liteon = Same as Samsung.

Samsung SE-S184M is LS (no review).
Liteon SHM-165H6S is LS (no review).
I don’t think Plexstore even has a LS drive :frowning:

So in a box, what I’d like to have is a two sheep drive with LS. Which one do you recommend? The new drives I listed are yet to be reviewed.


This a much better option. With LS you don’t have that variety of media.

Samsung SE-S184M is LS (no review).
184? that should be an USB drive then.

Liteon SHM-165H6S is LS (no review).
There is. It is slightly older than the review of SHM-165P6S.
Nowadays there are whole families of drives, that are based on one model. Features like DVD-RAM-support, LS may be added. So there isn’t much difference between Liteon SHM-165P6S and Liteon SHM-165H6S. They just added the LS chips and were done. Same is with Samsung drives you mentioned. You may also have a look into the subforums to see the user opinions about the drives on your wishlist.


So you think an inkjet that can write on DVD/CDs would be a better bet?

ANyone else have any thoughts on this?

I would probably go with the LiteOn. The Samsung S182’s a very good drive too. However there appears to be a problem with the lead-in for burning DVD-R’s, which makes them unreadable in other drives/players. New firmware could fix this problem in the future.

What about using an inkjet to print cd instead of Lgihtscribe. is LS a joke really? I mean it takes 16+ minutes to print a disk? WTF?

LS is a joke, and so is LF in terms of time.

Compare beautiful colour which takes 2 mins on a bubblejet to a monochrome print using LS/LF. Takes a long time for the monochrome print, need special expensive discs. Printable is in abundance - and with the existance of aquaguard/watershield/ waterproof printables - if you need ultimate durability and quality there’s just no real reason not to go bubblejet. Ink isn’t so expensive either, and the cost would end up cheaper than going LS/LF at least here in Aust.

OK I was reading that the Epson R220 usese water soluable inks for this particular printer, which is rediculous given that disks will be handled by moist hands and stored in sometimes moist areas.

So which do you recommend as the cheapest CD printer that actually works well and uses water proof inks?

Well - water soluble or not – how often does the disc get handled by moist hands ? honestly, you don’t rub your palms all over the top and touch it and lick it etc. If you do - the Watershield DVD’s should solve the problem of moistness because they’re meant to be waterproof [no mention of any ink]. Alternatively, you might search for some aftermarket cartridges with waterproof inks [though this might void your warranty].