Buying quality cd-rw locally



Hey guys…

I’m in kind of a bind with an important performance this Saturday.

Coming from HDV, DV, and DVD, I know how important media is. I was wondering where I could pick up some quality cd-rw 5-packs or even cd-r 5-packs locally thru major chains. I don’t have time for online ordering.

I’m waaay out west with Denver being 30 milles away. We’ve got Walmart, Circuit City, Bestbuy, Staples, Comp USA…etc…you know…the usual mega-conglomerates that blow…

Where to buy quality locally?


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Go any of BB, CC or Staples that is closer to where you are staying.


Almost everything you will find locally will be CMC. I have found that these are decent if you burn them at slower speeds, less than 20X. Just make sure you see Made in Taiwan on the label.


If ya can, go Verbatim, Maxell, or Sony CD-RW, and don’t get ultra speed/ultra speed plus discs. High Speed [4x-10x] or normal speed [1x-4x] discs will be fine, usually. Try to avoid Memorex’s CD-RW, at least for the higer speeds, as the media will not last for more than 1 write without deteriorating greatly. Most/all of the stores on your list will have at least one of these brands available. :slight_smile: