Buying Pricey Glossy Discs vs Spraying Standard Hub Printables



Hi there,

I recently purchased a 20 pack of Vertibam CDR Glossy Hub Printables as a product test, and so far I am happy with the result. Good quality label with very little chance of smudging. The problem with this is where I am from (New Zealand) the online shop I am buying from rarely get these in and at a high price.

I have also read about people using a spray to give a glossy protective finish on the standard Hub printables. Which in my eyes is the way to go if it can be pulled off correctly.

My question is, for the people who have experienced both the professional brought Glossy version of the cd’s, and the DYI experience of spraying standard printables. Which one is more worth my time and money? Wait longer to get cd’s at a more expensive price for quality, with no water protection. Or buy bulk standard cd’s, and get good at spraying with a coat that glosses and protects. I have not had the chance to experience the later. And would like your opinions on my situation.

Storage is my next big problem to overcome as I don’t want to store hundreds of dvd cases. I’m thinking maybe a few of semi-large wallets with a ring binder style so they don’t bend the cd’s. (Portable high quality media is my overall goal)

Any comments welcome.



Spraying is not as easy as it may sound. You’re trying to create a finish that rivals a decent car finish, and it’s a lot easier to screw it up than it is to make it right. You’ll need a dedicated clean area for spraying, and a steady supply of clear acrylic. It’s also easy to kill the disc with over-spray and runs onto the data side. All things considered, spraying is more work and cost in the long run.

Verbatim gloss is not all that glossy, and a sprayed disc will look better if done right. TY Watershield is by far the best looking disc money can buy, sprayed or otherwise. It’s also far more smudge-free than Verbatim.

None of these things will react well to a wallet or notebook-type storage, and not many people recommend them for disc storage for a number of reasons. A disc file with paper sleeves would be a better choice. Discs are meant to be stored vertical, or at least suspended by the hub. Files at least make them vertical.