Buying OEM over Retail (2510A)

I understand OEM comes without software or cables, where Retail should include these items. With the NEC 2510A drive I wouldn’t be concerned with the software, but what about the cables? I don’t know much about these connector cables for ROM drives, other than that I have a generic CD-RW drive which I would take out and replace with the 2510A drive. Will my existing (jumper?) cables work, and if possibly not, what would I check for in getting a replacement set of cables. Thank you!

You should be able to swap your old drive for the new one. Your current cables should work fine.

You may be alright but ideally you should use an 80 wire ide cable and set the NEC as a master on the secondary ide or you may have problems

In fact a similiar thread is running

Yes, In the ideal world, 80pin + master setting is better than not.
But it seems that people are overemphasizing those minor factors.

2510A at slave mode should work fine in most systems.
As long as one doesn’t use a poor or defected 40 pin cable, it should work fine.

If you have a spare 80pin cable, yes use it. Why not?
But if you don’t have one, don’t bother to buy one.

If you can you should run it on a separate ide channel other than the one your hard drive is on, master or slave doesn’t matter. I have my 2510a ruuning as a slave, it is OEM with a shitty cut down version of Nero 6 tossed in as an afterthought.I prefer Roxio Media Creator 7 instead and DVDXCopy for 1:1 dvds. Just make sure you get the pre Feb 2004 version or lower.