Buying new soundcard; 16 or 24 bit?



I have some wierd problems with my servers audio card, having big trouble installing the drivers and getting it to work, and now i have given up. Even though Asus claims that the onboard soundcard is combatible with windows 2003 server, i can’t get it to work no matter what i do.

Anyway, i am going out tomorrow to buy a new PCI soundcard. When i check my dealers webshop, i find both 16 and 24 bit audio cards. The 16 bit is about $30 and the 24 is about $100. So, there is alot of money to save if i choose the 16 bit card, but how about the sound quality? Would it be a bad idea to save the ~70 bucks and take the 16 bit card?

I need a soundcard in my server because i use it to convert drm protected music i bought to mp3, and for that i need to use tunebite. Tunebite needs a physical audio card to make a virtuel audio card for some reason.


what model is your asus mb?


Asus P5B-E i think… I’m not sure about the E part though


So it seems your not the only one with audio problems and that board, regardless of beeing a server.
from the egg:
“Cons: So this soundchip that comes with this board seems to be a faulty one. According to ASUS forums and ASUS themselves they know about the problem and currently don’t have a solution for it. There are a large number of problems with the Sound chip and it seems to vary with each and every board. For my board 5.1 Doesn’t work. Side front speakers get routed to the center and rear speakers get routed to the Sub. Absolutely no way to fix it, I’ve tried everything - talked to everyone- and even looked to ASUS for help but only recieved a shrug. Other problems vary from no Sound at all, loud crackling if music is turned up to high, high pitched whines, left speaker in 5.1 only working, bass popping, and many more. Beyond all that, which is all easily fixed with a Sound Card - the board is wonderful!”

Newegg is a good online store where you can get just about anything for PC’s, so here is a suggestion for an inexpensive 24-bit card Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE


Question is why you would want a sound card in a [B]server[/B] in the first place.
This isn’t really an application for a server :wink:


thats the beauty of computers of today, their fast enough to be a server and do some simple tasks. :wink:

Dizzy, do you put starch in your underwear?? hehe.


Windows 2003 Server isn’t that designed for this at all so why not accept it?
It’s like putting a V8 engine into a Fiat Uno telling yourself “This should work”.


eric93se, actually, i didn’t even think about searching for anything else but the driver for the onboard soundcard. Thanks alot for finding that! Now i can buy a new soundcard without feeling stupid about spending more money to buy a thing i already have, wich i just cant get to work.

DiiZzy, well, my server is running as a domain server for all computers in my house, as ftp server, eggdrop server, file server and print server. Everything works perfect and it’s extremely stable, so why change the OS? It just needs to run one more application - tunebite. I dont give a rats ass if its designed for that to be earnest, because i think it will work just fine, and without any problems at all. :slight_smile:


And ofcourse, there is the matter of me paying a sh*tload of money for my win2003 server license, and i think it would be pretty stupid to have to buy a new license just because i want to use it for ripping music :slight_smile:
Ofcourse there is the possibility of using pirated software, but all my program licenses are legal so far, so it would be nice to keep it that way :wink:


Before you buy the card, did you try downloading the win2003 audio drivers from the asus support site? Link

Make sure you uninstall all old audio drivers before installing.