Buying new PDA: new Tungsten E2 or ebay T5?



I want a Palm PDA (no Windows CE). The best for what I have to do with it would be the T|X, but I can’t spend more than, oh, €220 at most, and the T|X costs more than 300.
So I searched around, and I can get a Tungsten E2 from the Palm store for €209, including a WiFi card (which I’ll probably not use much, but hey, it’s free).
However, I found on ebay a T5 (the T|X’s predecessor) for €200. It’s “new”, as in practically unused and with no noticeable wear.
The big plus of the T5 is that the graffiti area isn’t fixed but drawn on the screen, so it can be slid out of view and the screen can be used horizontally. Since one of the main uses of the PDA is going to be e-book reading, this layout would be better than the standard square screen with plastic graffiti area of the E2.
What do you think about this? Has the T5 got any significant shortcomings I should know about (a less bright screen, bad battery life, this sort of stuff)?
What would you do in my place?