Buying new DVD burners

I’m planning to buy 2 new SATA DVD burners next week. I don’t need a good Dual-Layer burner because I never burn DL media. I normally burn Verbatim media (MCC04) and some cheap CMC media, and also some DVD+RW media.
So, I need a 2 different good burners with good writing quality on DVD+R/+RW and DVD-R media at 8x or 12x (at most), and at least one of them must be a good error scanner and also good media reader.
I thought these 2 would be a good choice

Pioneer DVR-215
LiteON LH-20A1S

What do you think? Should I buy those 2 or should I change the setup?

Unfortunately when considering current drives.
If you want to go scanning.
It’s Lite-On or Lite-On.
Whether it is Lite-On branded or a clone.
The LH-20A1S has been relatively good for me, though genuine BenQ’s are better.
As for the other.
Pioneer have had several models now that show it can be done.
A good compromise between speed & quality.
You might want to consider one of the latest NEC (72**) drives too.

Should I trade the Pioneer for one of the NEC Optiarc 72xxx models? What about trading the LH-20A1S for the Samsung SH-S203P, the Samsung is a reliable scanner too I think.