Buying new dvd burner

any recommendation on a good dvd burner, maybe not even liteon for the type i am getting.

I need USB 2.0 to be able to play latest StarForce 3 backups and was looking at buying a SOHW-1673SX…or maybe i should get an internal one with a IDE to USB 2.0 converter?

i’m probably getting my hopes up but i need like an ‘All-In-One-Wonder’ burner capable of backing up latest Securom & Safedisc, both cd and dvd, and that also meet my above SF3 needs.

Most Lite-ON burners are able to back up SafeDisc, SecuROM, and StarForce3. It depends on the program used to make the backup. a 1673SX will fit your needs very well. Also, a Sony DRU-710, -720, or -730A seem to do a good job.

can’t seem to find out if the 1673SX supports DVD9 though…must though.

Don’t See 1673SX External at LiteOn site yet…

Have you tried a liteon burner with latest safedisc…
And thats before we even mention starforce

with the right tools it’s possible to make copies of most protected discs. but to make a 1:1 copy of the data structure and TOC is impossible. especially with a lite-on.

I’ve backed up SafeDisc protected CDs before, even the latest ones. I have a few tools I use to do it, so you cant tell the difference. Starforce I havent worked with, however.

chok0, so which brand would get me 1:1 copies? i’d rather be able to backup all 3 major protections with a single burner than get 1:1 copies of certain ones.